Eagle's vision: a shamanic journey

What is the eagle's vision? what does the eagle stand for? Seems to fit right in, the eagle, with the shaman. Is it that we all know that eagle's have the best sight? So, if a shaman has an eagle's vision, what does it mean?

Drawing by Keith Powell
We all have visions, dreams, daydreams. Those of us who dedicate our lives to seeking, following and understanding these visions, are called shamans. And we use the eagle for this purpose, invoking the great sight of the eagle, flying as high as the eagle. This sacred animal also represents the highest dream, the highest vision, the highest purpose. A shaman with an eagle vision, an eagle protector, what is his vision?

First we must speak about  nagualism, a toltec variant of shamanism, where the eagle is the representation of all of creation. A creation that covers all realms of perception, all dimensions. Under this vision, the highest purpose of a human being, rather, the only purpose, the only real thing he may accomplish in this life, is to free himself from the physical realm and be able to fly freely throughout the rest of the non-physical universe. This is the same thing that the Buddhists know as nirvana, freeing oneself from the cycles of reincarnation.  The difference from the monks is that toltec naguals, or shamans, have continuously achieved this freedom.

This vision hasn't been like this for the  thousands of years that naguals have existed. Toltec Naguals and shamans of equal line of accomplishment have grown into what now is becoming to be seen as a "masculine" vision. This is because times are now changing, a more feminine energy is beginning to retake balance to the earth. The eagle's vision is joining with a more forgotten condor's vision, a vision that is essentially more feminine and that is now beginning to retake it's place.

Masculine and feminine visions, eagle's and condor's, sky and earth. What are the differences. Let's state them.

Masculine, sky vision.
Masculine, eagle, sky vision is this great spiritual accomplishment of nirvana. We say spiritual, but naguals where able to take it into a very real physical reality, transforming their bodies into beings of pure light and leaving this physical realm for thousands of years of freedom travel through the universe, the great eagle, only to be eventually devoured by the eagle, returning to oneness with the whole.  What happened with the rest of the people, with the earth, was not a greater concern. Masculine sky energy looks up, into the sky, seeking to go beyond, to return to the origin. This vision sees beyond time and space. What may be happening right now, today, to a person, to a body, was not a greater concern. The eagle universe is seen as of a predatory nature, survival of the fittest. Shamans under this eagle masculine energy embody also a feminine side, but this feminine side is not as developed as the masculine. Nagual shamans are from the north, where this eagle vision was created.

Feminine, earth vision.
So you have the feminine vision, called if you want condor's vision, although the true feminine power heart is in the Amazon, not quite the Andes. Being that the feminine vision is not predatory, is on the contrary, community-oriented, it has received less attention, since it doesn't try to stand out above the rest. As a women, the feminine vision embodies the masculine side. It's perfectly aware of the sky and its importance. The feminine is like the body, and the masculine like the head. The body is always aware of the head, through the head. On the other hand the head, at times, may forget it is attached to the body, or may think it's above the body, more important than it, and may try to "lead the way". It most cases it should, but there are occasions where following your head may lead into sickening the body. That is what has happened now to the earth.

The eagle shamans of the north have developed great power. They have opened the realms and allowed inorganic, dark beings to enter our mother earth in exchange for power and wisdom. This is humanity's greatest mistake, it is what has led us into the era of darkness we are trying to come out of today. Hunger, war, destruction, extinction,  that is all a result of the inorganic beings taking over people, thanks to the first shamans that opened the realms.

A lot of time has passed since, and modern naguals are well aware of this and work to correct this mistake. The have discovered that beyond power, exists freedom, and to achieve freedom, one must free himself from power. The head has learned the lesson, and is actively guiding us in a different way now. But the body has suffered the consequences, we all have, we all do.

The feminine vision always knew that the path of power was a wrong path. Contrary to the masculine eagle, that believes in arriving to its goal as fast as possible, the feminine believes in the way of the turtle, where the speed doesn't matter as long as you get there. The masculine used to see this as a weakness, and that's why it hurled into gaining power and wisdom, knowledge that is now using to repair the damage. The masculine as I said has learned, and now admires the way of the turtle, now a days, the feminine side is gaining her place again.

So the new eagle's vision, is the one that includes its feminine side. Having this in scope, achieving ultimate freedom is not enough accomplishment in this life. We must also correct what is wrong in the world, the physical things, the social things. We must be compassionate of others, help others, include our own transcendance in a context where the transcendance of the rest of the world is also possible. For years, and to this date, to powerful shamans, this may seem as a weakness, for they believe in the predatory nature of the universe. What they may ignore, is the power of the human effect in the universe, and how the universe can be transformed into a human, communitarian nature, replacing the less evolved predatory nature. It's basically the difference between seeing, and making. We can see the universe is predatory, but we can make it more human.

No shaman or spiritual leader has been able to turn this earth into a world of peace and balance.

Wouldn't we want this? Isn't it time?

It is time, that this becomes a reality, That this world finds balance again. This is the eagle's vision that has come to me, in the north, in the sky. I've flown high, I've sought to the highest realm, to the highest beings, and that is the answer they have given me. That is the vision they have granted me. It's not about my own transcendance, about my own path of freedom, that comes along. What I must put my attention to is to restore the balance, to become a rainbow warrior.

Rainbow Warriors read the prophecy
They must use the nagual term "warrior". Only this path may grant them the strength and wisdom to accomplish the great feat. Being ecological, is good, but not enough. Like I say, they must seek the highest strength and wisdom to accomplish this feat. They must turn into the way of the spirit, of nagualism, of shamanism, that is the path that will lead them to success. The rainbow warriors prophecy is a native american spiritual path. The name may be borrowed to take on ecological actions and awareness, but to get to the end of the path, one must become the path, one must become a native, incarnate the native's way, the native's vision.

On the other hand, being a shaman, offering workshops, writing books, blogs, helping others find their own freedom, is not enough for a rainbow warrior. If doing all of this means that you plan on living a occidental, modern lifestyle, a lifestyle that depends on fossil fuels, of interacting with the corrupt, death producing system, then that path is still an ancient, masculine-sided path. If the path a shaman is following, doesn't lead him to a renewed lifestyle in nature, where his sustenance doesn't require hurting the environment, then he or she is not embodying the call of the condor, the arrival of the new era, the spirit's call for the rainbow warriors.

This text has a greater purpose. I don't know how much my path will grant me fame and recognition. That is some way could be helpful, because I can reach out to others and share this vision. And the vision is not only masculine, is not only a vision, a dream. I am making this dream possible, for others to join. I am creating a ecovillage, a place to create a new education system, a new spiritual-philosophical-scientifical system. I have lot's of help from the spirit, who has let me know that I can lead the way, humbly, authentically, successfully. The spirit has given me the place. Now I must find the other fellow rainbow warriors. This text is an invocation into the different realms, dimensions  It speaks of the truth, and may work in mysterious ways. It has an intention, a purpose, a spirit. May this spirit go far, and reach the hearts, and allow the eagle's vision to become a reality.

I make you the invitation to join the rainbow tribe. Be it a external supporter, visitor, and beneficiary or be it a member of the circle of rainbow warriors, established in our ecovillage in the bolivian amazon. I invite you into the new shamanic journey.

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  1. i'm in. i'm with you. i live in south africa. my heart is not just to restore things on this continent, but also for the world. may we fly high and bring the son to our younger brother and sister's skies

    1. Hello Frans. May we speak through the e-mail, mine is juliankatari@yahoo.com. Wish you waterfalls of blessings

  2. Hello frans. I'm happy to read your message. May I have your e-mail address so we can get in touch and I can send you information on how to become a member. My e-mail is juliankatari@yahoo.com. wish you waterfalls of blessings.

  3. Thank you so much for this...

    I am Kenneth in Uganda East Africa....

    It is time to move away from the struggle between 'good and bad', 2 sides struggling yet not knowing that both sides are in One group of 'Controllers" manipulating the Homosapiens from behind the scenes. this article here opened my Eyes about this situation. hope you find it helpful

    am sending you a personal email to your email address about a personal issue.

    Thanks once again,,

    Uganda, East Africa

  4. I would be honored to join hands in such a cause! Greetings from India, Julian.

  5. Hello Akshay, in what way do you see you can join and help in the cause? we are humble and all open hearted

  6. Hi Julian

    It would be nice if you could credit my father, Keith Powell for the first pencil sketch you have on this posting (the tribal man within the eagle). The original was done in scratchboard by Keith and has been used on the book "Return of the Bird Tribes" as well as an altered version for Waylon Jenning's album "The Eagle".


  7. Hello 'Jessica?

    It's really good to know where this beautiful drawing comes from. I would like to know more about where your father got his inspiration for drawing such an inspiring image.

    I will gladly cite your father for the drawing. Thank's for writing

  8. Julian,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. We've been dealing with a lot of fraud lately. There was someone in California who removed his signature and replaced it with his own, and then sold it on an online art gallery. There was also a woman in prison who was claiming the very same piece as her own, and got out of jail based on her "talents". While that pencil drawing was not done by my dad, it is an exact copy of his "Shaman's vision".

    I'm sure my father would love to hear from you. He loves talking about his work and by this blog post it sounds like you both would have a lot in common :)