Trek across the Lacandon Jungle

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Trip duration: 7 days
Kilometers covered: 65
Total vertical meters climbed: less than 300
Ecosystems Visited: Tropical Rainforest, Tropical low mountain cloud forest
Cultural interaction with: Maya Lacandon, Maya Tzeltal
Group size: 2-7 persons
Departure from: Palenque, Chiapas

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Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve.

The northern most remnant of the south and Central American tropical rainforest biomass is the Montes Azules (Blue Mountains) biosphere reserve, otherwise called the Lacandon Jungle, in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Compared to rainforest reserves in famous Costa Rica, this reservoir is far larger (680,000 hectares) and so allows the existence of all the wildlife species that exist in this type of habitat, some of which require large areas to exist (jaguars require 10,000 hectares each).

But having the possibility to see jaguars and quetzals is not the only fact of what makes this area unique. The forest is spilled with infinite ladders of waterfalls, Caribbean-blue freshwater lakes with white-sand bottoms, and endless unexplored ancient Maya archeological sites. Earth has never concentrated so much beauty, natural and cultural richness in one place.


So much beauty couldn’t possibly come with an easy visit. Natives that live around this reserve have never been too enthusiastic about exploiting it turistically.  That’s why the only way to truly experience the beauty of this paradise, is to do a rarely done trek across it.

This trek takes you to the heart of the Lacandon rainforest, far from the touristy places, and to the remote corners where wildlife encounters become possible. Unexplored and unexcavated ruins, bat-filled caves, undiscovered lagoons with pyramids in the middle, are just some of the natural and cultural marvels that people are missing out on.

The first part of this trek is accompanied by a native Lacandon Maya, the latter by a native Tzeltal Maya.  An unrepeatable deep forest and wildlife experience is exponentially made better by adding a rich Maya cultural experience, both ancient –visiting the ancient Maya lost cities- and modern –sharing with modern Maya native men-. Few places and few trips can gather so much insight into one of the world’s richest cultures and one of the most beautiful rainforests that remain today.

You should be warned, this trek is very rarely done. Itinerary and route changes can be expected due to the near non-existence of trails and the fact that the same local native guides are not always readily available and they may know different routes. The tour leader is well trained to deal with all situations and will make of trip the best experience. All of this can only make this trek a more authentic into-the-jungle adventure.


Day 1. Transportation from Palenque to Lacanja village. Swimming in waterfalls. Night in Jungle Bungalows.

Day 2. Beginning of trek to Lacanjá lagoon. Cross the lagoon in canoe to pyramid Island. Camp in pyramid.

Day 3. All day in lagoon, wildlife observation, swimming, fishing.

Day 4. Trek to Indio Pedro community. Night at community.

Day 5. Trek to Río Negro. Visit Caves and unexcavated pyramids. Campsite

Day 6. Trek to Miramar Lagoon. Swimming and fishing. Campsite.

Day 7. Trek to other end of Miramar lagoon. Swimming

Day 8. Short trek to road. Meal & beers in village. Drive back to Palenque


  •  Backpack for trekking
  •  Lightweight camping tent
  •  Sleeping mat
  •  Light sleeping bag
  •  Water bottle
  •  Personal first aid kit
  •  Comfortable hiking shoes
  •  Personal hygiene equipment
  •  Rain coat
  •  Swimming equipment


  • All transportation to and from Palenque
  • Bilingual tour leader
  • Accommodation for 1 night in very comfortable bungalow in Lacanjá
  • Maya native guides  
  • Mules or horses for carrying supplies
  • Camping equipment for cooking
  • All meals during the trip, very complete, varied and adequate for trekking
  • Entrances to parks, reserves and communities
  • Restaurant meals in towns and villages with beer


Prices are per person, in U.S. dollars


Please contact if you have any questions or if you desire to make a reservation for this trip

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