About me

I am an empirical learner; school was never enough to me. When I was little I was considered a very smart and gifted boy. I lived my first years in Mexico City and then moved and lived five years in Eugene, Oregon, where I studied middle school and high school. In seventh grade I earned a national award from the National Achievement Academy for a paleontology project, after having won first place at the school and the county's science fair. While at school we were taught basic science, at home I had my own weather station and made predictions that in most cases where more accurate than the local news weather forecast. I was very interested in earth sciences at that time and became a mountaineer and downhill skier, summiting 10 peaks in Oregon and Washington in one and a half years. I was very inspired by my science teacher, Robert Flo, who instead of giving us long lectures in the classroom, would take us to the school's back yard to work at an organic vegetable garden, teaching us how to use the worm compost and about recycling.

At the end of high school I bumped into a native Lakota, who taught me and initiated me into the world of native medicine and shamanism. Since then, at the age of 16, I followed what's called the red path of Native Americans. In my 15 year-long journey I have formed myself with different medicine men, healers and shamans; having traveled and lived in different indigenous villages in Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Chile.

My avidity for learning has never stopped. Some of the things I learned besides native cosmology and shamanism are: being an expert goldsmith, a Latin American folk music interpreter, a fluent French speaker and working seven years in ecotourism, becoming an expert in the subject.

My life has been an intense learning experience, sometimes I feel that I learn more in a day than most other people would learn in a whole lifetime. This is thanks to the open mind, perceptiveness, sensitivity, health and awareness that practicing native ways and shamanism has granted me.

During my path I have discovered many deep truths about who we are, where we come from and what we are here to do. Three years ago I arrived to the revelation of what I was here to do and that was to build a learning, healing and initiation center in the heart of the Amazon forest. To accomplish this I was able to gather all my skills to create the Paititi EcoVillage project, the first step to accomplishing my mission in this life.

I believe there are many people who haven't lost sight of being true to themselves, and to their home, the earth; and that when they see something that is real, is true, is thought with true intentions to help, then they will respond and help make it happen. I have injected all my talent, my time, my intelligence, my wisdom and my heart into this, with no bigger intentions than to help make a better world.

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