The spiritual truth revealed

Spiritual Truth Revealed
Mother of God
 Hermaphrodite God separated; he made itself man and women. Then they decided to re-unite. After that, they decided to recreate themselves in a unit, made just like them, that was subject to free will, to a physical reality, to a third dimension. So he made man and women to this semblance and put them on the earth. But first they created the earth, and the earth was, the mother of god. Humans are, the sustenance of god, because he recreated himself in us and we are the ones that feed the experience of being god. Earth is our mother, the one that allowed us to be created, and us being god, the earth is the mother of god.
Earth’s true history has been hidden, but the earth is the mother of god, thanks to her, god has the experience he now has. Thanks to her god has been able to experience himself in a body, in a human, and searching for the control over the earth has been the reason of many cosmic wars that have occurred and still occur today. The war is between human spherical, balanced light, based on love; and the luminous, elongated, mechanical energy, based on the ambush of power. Part of the strategy of these beings of power is to keep humanity far from the truth, so they remain asleep, unconscious about their origins, their purpose, and their place in the universe and so they can be easily dominated by the beings of power and so the earth may also be under their domain.

The truth that the earth is the mother of god is one of the most buried truths and so is the truth that humans are the sustenance of god.

The great revelation, the great gift.
We are in an era of awakening and changes. Many people are becoming conscious and discovering so many truths that have been hidden from them. We are coming to the end of the great cosmic war, where the beings of power will return to their place and allow evolution to continue. But the last battles must yet be fought and we are facing the final battle: the personal struggle for spiritual evolution. Many people are receiving little pieces of information and are discovering the truth. Nonetheless, the dark beings are very powerful and have managed to infiltrate into this truth and this awakening.  Personal capacity to discern is limited and messages are confused. Many of the things people believe are people or messages of light are really the dark beings that are passing as light beings and giving messages that confuse people. The great revelation, the great gift, is the one that will allow you to discern between the dark beings passing as light beings and the true light beings and their messages. The message of light given by the dark beings is as follows: Everything is ok. Everything will change. You are doing much to listen and awaken. Your consciousness is awakening and that means a lot, that’s doing already a lot. We are thankful; soon, everything will get better.

All of this is true. The lie comes in the silence after the message. The person who listens to this message rests thankful, satisfied, and full of hope. But they have been told to ignore their responsibility, their earthly responsibility, their karmic reality. Salvation according to this message resides in faith, not in action.  This is the message that the true beings of light want to transmit to you, that change is in your hands, it is in you, you are the ones that have the power of god to change reality, and reality will not change by itself until you make it change. Darkness will not be beat by an act of god. You are the god that must act and beat darkness and injustice in this world.  You are the ones that must work physically to radically change your lifestyles and work spiritually to overcome your egos, your fallacies; you must join and seek planetary change, and with it definite spiritual awakening. This spiritual work is reflected in physical reality, on the earth, and is quite simple: you have to detach from material dependence, you have to leave your current lifestyle and seek a more spiritual one, one that reflects in your everyday chores, In the detachment of commodity, of an unsustainable globalized life, a detachment from the system in all of its manifestations.

The dynamics of karma on the earth.
We live surrounded by a masculine, celestial reality where the feminine, earthly reality is little considered. The feminine earthly reality is quite simple and can be resumed in this phrase: God forgives but the earth doesn’t.  It’s a scientific and mathematical reality.  It’s the reality of earth karma, where it is not the intention that counts, but the facts. Mistakes committed must be paid for, even if forgiveness has been sought and you have learned from your mistake. Learning from your mistake will serve so that you don’t make it twice. It’s a dynamic of action-reaction, a mathematical reality as I said, that can be scientifically studied, measured and understood.  

Physical awakening.
So besides waking up spiritually, we should awaken physically. This means that we should stop making the same mistakes. We should stop producing and accumulating karma. This means that a wholesome awakening does not come until the person is not only free from past karma, but from creating karma in the present. To stop producing karma in the present means to stop damaging others, to stop damaging our bodies and to stop damaging the earth. Using fossil fuels, consuming industrialized products, participating in money exchange, all of this feeds the monster and the evil that is destroying you and the earth, and participating in it creates karma. Full spiritual and physical awakening will not be complete until the individual has detached completely from the karma producing modern system and lifestyle. It is after this that we may achieve the real “ascension” that has been promised to us but obscurely not told how to achieve it.

The best we can do
To understand this message and what it means is a great step. This message does not come from me, it’s out there, you only have to listen to it. The best we can do is to focus our energy, our resources and our actions to seeking the liberation of physical karma which means seeing in which way you can free yourself from the system. But not everyone will be able to achieve that. Not everyone can quit their plans, their cities, their expectations, their vices. We now face a wonderful opportunity to straighten our actions, an opportunity to change, to leave addictions, to leave the cities. But there will be a moment when the earth will charge us her bill. The reaction of the action will come, when everyone will have to pay for their karma, and it will not be the same if you choose now than if you wait for later.  The best I can do now is to send this message, and then to take action, to seek for a better place where I can live and invite my family, friends and anyone who wishes to awaken physically. This message and this action I take comes from my consciousness, which is in pain seeing all the people who believe they have a future in the city, and that cities have a future, and that the system has a future. And that if they believe that change is possible, they are waiting for it to come and be obligated to act, without the capacity to react now based on the consciousness that is already so evident.

 The stolen Paradise
There is a place where there is no injustice, there is no war, and there is no chronic illness. There is a place where kids are happy, families are united, life is balanced with nature; where water, air and food is clean, where  there are no lies, there is no cheating, no deception; where the soul, the body and society are unpolluted. This place is not very far away, it’s possible, it’s close, it’s easy to make it happen. But you’ve been dragged from that place into a world of slavery, of lies, of war, of pain. Your stolen paradise is so close to you, but you are so trapped by your enslavement that you cannot escape to it. The enslavement is financial, is political, is cultural, is educational, is medical, and is spiritual. You could so easily free yourself from that enslavement, but your master has made you believe that you are happy where you are, and that an utopia is unreachable, is far-fetched, it doesn’t exist. But that’s a lie. It’s a lie that has been rooted into the deepest part of your subconscious through education, through beliefs, through perceiving your jail as the only thing that exists. Your master has made it so your cell is more comfortable than your neighbor’s so that you believe you’re in a better place, and that you are happy. But how can you live with that? How can you be happy seeing people die of hunger, of war, of injustice, seeing our planet being raped, destroyed? Is your cell so comfortable? Is it so sealed away from reality that you don’t notice other people’s suffering?
I know your suffering; I know that even if you say you’re ok, you’re not. I know there is a human in you that feels for other humans and for other living beings and wants to do something. And that something you can do is freeing yourself from that slavery, freeing yourself from the system. When you achieve that, you may then be strong enough to help others, and you may discover the paradise you have been missing for so many lifetimes.
There will be many ways that the prison will manifest and try to drag you into it when you try to free yourself from it. It is so overwhelming that you may not even imagine how to do it, how to become free. And if you find a way to free yourself, you may believe it is a lie, that it is impossible, because your life has been based on a lie, one that has made you believe that it is impossible to be free. But if a tiny piece of this information, of this light, has passed through the guards of your cell, and reached your heart, and you wish to free yourself, please allow me, someone or something to help you.

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